“Pod-Casting Date is July 9th”


Hello my name is Sydney Smith. I’m a Radio performer/ engineer, and have been for over 32+ years. I was known as “Uncle Sidney” to the throngs of billions that used to listen to my various radio programs over the centuries.  I’m retired now or should say was forcibly “retired” with malice, and forethought. …ahem.

This detonation happened when the economy finally caught up with the Foundation I foolishly dedicated my life to. So here I am just sitting around watching day-time TV…the horror! That, and sleeping a lot.

I’ve been meaning to do some pod-casts for a few years. However as I say I’ve mostly been sleeping taking walks reading did I say sleeping, and basically being an old guy. Well recently a bunch of my old broadcast pals, and many of my former listeners have encourage me to try this out. Okay lets see what happens.

I thank all my many friends out there for their faith in me, and my alleged talents. I will try not to fall asleep on Mic. …again.

Stay Tuned.

“Freedom of Comment!”

I’m trying to make commenting easier, and less intrusive..email site all that. Having a spot of bother doing it though. Till then please put up with all the built in paranoia of this system.

Stay Tuned!

***THIS JUST IN!!***

Okay you don’t have to give your “email” or “blog address” if you don’t want to…you have to give some sort of name though. However I have to “approve” that is push a button so your comment appears…fucked up!

But I’m working on that. “Word Press” is weird! We’re halfway to free open commenting.


“The Day of Days”

The planned “podding” date is on or about July 9th 2015…my Birthday. I would like to have as many of my Broadcast pals over as I can so the date may move about to accommodate that. Thank you all for encouraging this podcast project.

Now I actually have to plan programs again…bit rusty, but we’ll see. I have over 30 years of material backed up. That is to say my archives. What I’ll do when I figure out how is to upload a sample set of shows not sure how many just now. This so you can listen to the old stuff while waiting for  new material.

Mind you all this is really sudden. It all started last night, but has been building for a few years. Thanks to Andrea Sears for the offer of equipment, and advice. Thanks so much to Andrea Clarke,…”Sister from Another Planet”. This for patiently helping me set up the website, and domain the whole works…this page ‘WOULD NOT’ be here now without her.

Blessings on the two Andreas!!!

Btw, that’s “Bob the Bunny” below there if ya don’t know him yet. He’s my attorney, and personal advisor. Any problems he’ll fix it.

“Stay Tuned”