“Actual News of a Sort”

I just spoke with my old pal Andrea Clarke. She used to do the Show “Sister from Another Planet” on a certain deranged bleeped up bankrupted radio station…like me.

Next week she’s coming by to help me install some of my old radio programs, and on-air segments here. This to prime the pump.  Hey I’m a performer not a techno geek.  Anyway you’ll have at least something to listen to while waiting for me to get my crap together.

Btw here’s some of really swell art work I do when I crawl out from under my sink. …see post below. Yeah most have seen this bleep already. I’m too lazy to to dig through my files to find new stuff…sue me.

‘Course I mean that in a ‘nice’ way.

Stay tuned.





“Cast of Characters”

Uncle Syd, below, in person. This shot taken by the NSA while our hero there was under protective roving internment. ‘Long story. Something about a Time Machine a bottle of grape soda, and the True Cross.

Uncle spends most of his time under his kitchen sink staring blankly. Though sometimes he crawls out, and produces swell works of art. that, and demented editorials that no one reads.


“Bob the Bunny”. …below. Internet Blog Star Uncle’s Lawyer Body Guard Stock Broker Gourmet Chef, and room-mate.  He’s also a free lance Intelligence Operative. “Bob” just got back in town from Turkey. Where he was running guns ammo land mines, and wool socks to the Kurds so they can blast the Bleep out’a them Maniac Goat Bleeping Cannibals “Isis”.


Uncle hard at work, below again, at his old place of employment. The Rat Fucks tossed him out after 34 years of loyalty love, and hard bleeping work. It’s okay though the Bastards went Bankrupt. I hear they’re living in dumpsters, and eating tree bark in the park now. Bleep’em to Hell.


Ya know it took years of strict training to run a Broadcast Board ‘live’ while Asleep.

Stay Tuned.


“Any Time Now!”

Yeah for sure,…no really trust me it’s a sure bleeping thing like “New Coke” or “Flesh Colored Band-Aids” that only came in ‘one’ color. Guess which one. Oh yeah I’m working like an unregistered illegal alien with no lunch break or health benefits.

Yep them swell Pod-Cast things is banging away in da pipeline just you listen! Why I’ll be ranting about getting old here in the future alien abductions, and the election of Jeb Bush before you can eat a 1956 Chrysler two tone.

Btw the way is it illegal to ask for money on these things. “Bob the Bunny” sez I could milk this scam for cash till them * “Radio Active Cows” come home.

*…long story.

Be there or be Square!

Stay Tuned.



“What da Fuck?!!”

Greetings comrades.

As you can see I didn’t do shit here for months. It’s not my fault really. There was that Alien Abduction thing,…again. I was really nuts, and sick,…again. Also I think I was bitten by a spider. Nasty that.

Anyway sorry for the mix-up.

I do have all the fixings for getting this show on the road…soon. The equipment, and as you see the page the domain, and the pay off to Satan.

So I hope to get things up, and running in August. Yeah a month late, but hey I’m old, and nuts gimme a break. I’m lucky to be breathing over here for Christ’s bleeping sakes. Anyhow I’ll post on my Facebook page:


On my Blog “Sweetness, and Light” : 


I’ll post on them places when the Blessed Event will excrete all over the web.

Also if I haven’t said it already,….Fuck them Fucking Fuck Fucks at WBAI for kicking my Butt out onto the street after 200 years of loyalty, and hard bleeping work. I hope the F-Fucking-B-I sends the lot of the racist commie crooks, and fuck heads to Git-Mo!

The Hard Time Wing!

Of course I mean all of that on a ‘nice’ way.

That’s me in the snap-shot below fortifying myself for the work ahead. Eh, sometimes I morph into drunken white clown. I dunno it just happens. Then again I’m known to without warning become a Jewish lesbian physicist.

Now that I think of it. I once turned into an deranged murderous “African president for Life”. The management at WBAI really liked me when I did that. ‘But then I turned back into a Black Race-Mixing Queer Pacifist trouble maker.

For that the kicked my ass out’a there.


Love, your Sweet Uncle Sydney.

Stay tuned.