“Broadcasting from Home”


Hi folks. Thanks for the swell reaction here, and over on Face Book to the first Pod-Program. (…see post below.) They’ll be more to come soon…hopefully this weekend the beginning of October. Maybe it’ll finally be less Humid then!

Any how as mentioned we’re getting some needed stuff…mixer sound screen more mics, and headphones. Also all the little do-dads you don’t think of till ya needs it.

As the “Clash” sez, …”Mic, and Boom, in Your Living Room!”

Stay Tuned.

“As I Was Saying…” (Program #1)


Greetings comrades!

Well it only took five months, and a number of trips to my shrink, and coming crying to all you swell folks when I had several break downs. Other than all that no problem.

We need more equipment which we’ll get…a mixer monitors, and pizza. We’ll be able to have music, recorded interviews, and assorted mayhem. Hey at least we’re on line today with ‘something’.

There’s plenty of stuff to fix..too much bass for one on this program. Don’t worry we’ll be fine soon, and happy as can be. Tell us what you think, and what needs fixing.

So here’s our first test program in the Pod-verse. Please comment.




“Music Box, and other Treats”


As I mentioned we’re experimenting with player formats.

Sorry for the long delay, and mess.

The program is a short segment from a show I did in the 1990’s. First A musical out-take from “Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge”


Next the Music Box.

You can actually hear Kathy Anne Kersey winding it up. Many years ago,…in the mid 1980’s she, and I were working on a “Music Box” special for radio WBAI. Sadly during production she passed away from breast cancer. She is well remembered by many of the WBAI family.

Finally “Engie’s Waltz” from the early 90’s album “We are all one Planet” by Molly Scott.

Stay tuned.