“Uncle’s Story Time” (#9)


Okay I’ll tell you some stories. Lets see,  “Knife fight with Chucky the Parrot”,”Peter Rabbit in the Age of Terror”. “My Unusual Day”, rants about gifts bestowed from Paradise or somewhere. Complaints fears joys, bad special effects, and iced tea.

Hey I just some guy okay. I’m doing the best I can for ya. Btw leave a comment my ego really needs stuff like that. It encourages me.

On another note…you think I should get a flu shot. They seem to work, but last time it made me sick. I mean if I’m gonna get sick anyway why bother right?

Well we’ll see.

Oh, and I’ve been working on a t-shirt design for this project. I’ll post the art soon.



(Above is me a young sweetie pie. …with ‘all’ three of my Queer Souls visible!)

This clip from a 1940’s flick  that was always on early 1960’s morning TV. This item is how I became so sweet, and sentimental. Well that, and the 1936 edition of “A Mid-Summer Nights Dream”. You can see the final piece from that production by a 14 year old “Mickey Rooney” on the post below this one.

I was always a sucker for this “Hallmark” sort of stuff.

Stay tuned.





“Dreams, and Questions” (#8)


Greetings comrades. Today’s sermon concerns our “Dream Realms”. Well that, and all the assorted static that comes with it. I yak about this read stuff play with the “pause” button, and generally digress about things all over the place.

For reasons I can’t comprehend I have a strong “Dream Life”. I’d have made either a neat Australian Aboriginal or a really rich surrealist painter. Instead I’m a retired broadcast engineer with too much time on my hands.

Feel free to complain to the management about my sloppy on-air or I should now say “online” presence. I’m sure this will do a lot of good.


Stay Tuned.

“At the Fights!” (#7)


Well here’s a topic I never did while on the air. Me having fist fights with jerks. Yep your dear old kindly gentle “Uncle” was out there kicking butt all over the place. It was many years ago, but fucking hilarious!

Eh,…I can explain.

It’s sort of a long story. Ya know about then demons we carry around, and don’t talk about much or for that matter let out. Anyway you’ll have to tune in to hear me out.

Also I yak about the Eternal, and assorted jazz like that. The “Silence” of the G-ds, and what it means…kinda.

I play with the “Pause Button” a bit too.


As I mentioned on the program. Though I never went looking for conflicts. I used to put WW2 fighter Victory Crosses on my locker at WBAI after each violent encounter with bad guys.

In the end I had ‘Eight’ wins. ‘Three’ makes you an Ace.

So hey.



(A swell review of the above program! How about that.)



Stay Tuned


“Give Me Your Homeless Your Tempest Tossed…” (#6)



Well here we are again. Hundreds of thousand on the run from war madness, and general butchery. Happens in Africa all the time, and is totally ignored by nations that could help. Now it’s happening in Europe one more, and again there’s no sanctuary.


Remember the “S.S. Saint Louis”. A vessel full of Jewish Refugees fleeing certain death at the hands of the Nazis. In May 1939 both the U.S., and Cuba turned them away from their shores.

This happened back just before the outbreak of the European phase of WW2. Of course WW2 having been started by the Japanese Invasion of China in 1931. In Europe in the late 1930’s refugees mostly Jewish were trying to escape the Nazis. However every door was slammed in their faces.

Including ours.

Now it’s 2015, and a new population mostly Middle Eastern are literally running for their lives. There’s scant to mild coverage by the American press, and open hostility in much of the Eastern European press where these Refugees are stranded.

I had a vastly unpopular impractical expensive idea…along with a bunch of other Bleeding Heart Peaceniks.


It’s Win Win.



“An Uncle Sidney Pod-People Production”

Stay Tuned.




“Peace In Our Time” (#5)


Greetings comrades. Today’s sermon is on how the bleeping hell are we gonna get out of the gleeful habit of poking each others eyes out…among other traditions.

Poor ole’ Neville Chamberlain up there he really ‘did’ want peace. He knew what war was. He’d seen the trenches of WW1. He felt anything to avoid that again was wise. Even dealing with the devil. Which he knew was what Nazi Germany was.

For his troubles he became the butt of jokes for going on a century. “20-20” hindsight is such a convenient judge. ‘That war ‘had’ to be fought. However *who in the 1937 UK foreign service could fathom that. 

*(…eh, besides Churchill.)

But to our sermon.


Most of us around here are one sort or other of “Peacenik”.  (Ask ya Beatnik Great Grand Ma what that means.) That, and have been working dreaming messing about, and struggling for Peace,…whatever that might turn out to be, for just about ‘all’ of our lives.

This program are my assorted takes on this swell hobby.


Thanks for being there comrades. Another program soon.

Stay Tuned.

“The Play’s the Thing” (#4)

theatre final version

This is a 30 min. program about my “Homeless/Houseless” year. These notes I wrote while was sitting outside on a crate sometimes on steps or at a friend’s house or at my job which I still had, but told no one of my “Outside” adventures.

These notes are from the “Outside”.

It’s both hard to believe it really happened to me, and hard to describe. Think UFO abduction. Try explaining ‘that’ to your friends, and family. This was on that level of  terror, and the surreal.

Like soldiers from war or even abductees the experience comes back. Sometimes mildly sometimes as 3-D vivid flash backs. It’s an experience that’s not yet recognized for the *trauma it causes. Like “Shell Shock” for soldiers was once brushed off.

*(…for those still in the middle of the actual experience, and those few that have come back from it.)

So here are some words written during, and towards the close of my life on the “Outside”. This happened from 2008/2009. How I wish more veterans of this late 20th early 21th condition of civilization would come forward, and speak or write of their experience.

This my dear friends comrades because it can happen to Anyone of us.



My Great Feet…ahem.

Portrait of my Christmas gift when I was “Houseless” from a very dear friend. A brand new pair of Converse sneakers. By that Christmas some had figured out I was in a serious jam, and wanted to help.

In fact the head of the Arts department at WBAI for a time let me crash in her office at night. Which is where this image was taken.

Bless you Janet Coleman.

Stay Tuned.

“From Listener William George”


Hello All, I want you to meet and learn to love a friend of mine who lives in New York City. He did a radio show for many many many years from WBAI-NY the station that broke the news that The Gay Activist Alliance had their first meeting in December 1969 after Stonewall in June 69. Also had the worlds first by, and for gay program in 1962!

Sidney Smith was summarily retired from WBAI a few years ago, but like me who got summarily retired from my lifetime dream thanx to Social Security we both keep on keeping on. Now he has his own “radio station” in the form of a Podcast. We got ‘booted’ off our ships to navigate the deep blue seas in our dinghies.

This program, “One Thing, and Another”, (see three posts below), is among other topics on the medieval “Children Crusaders” who were betrayed.  Just as the late 1960’s “Children’s Crusade” was. Our heroes were shot one by one. Mine being Jack Kennedy. His death affected me severely. But, now thanx to Occupy The NEED Act Occupy Weed Street‪#‎sexedforstoners‬ and the fight for Our New “Norman Oklahoma Senior Center”. I am under full sail in my dinghy. Sidney sounds as if he is getting back under full sail too. Be prepared we will bring you stuff you need to hear. Stuff without which we will never have a successful crusade, none of us.

He talks about Occupy in this podcast. Actually eating at the Occupy Kitchen in Zuccotti Park because WBAI was missing payrolls in 2011.


William George


Well “Blow me Down” the folks just loves this stuff,…tech mayhem, and all.

Thanks George!

Btw sorry about all that. The last show was recorded too low. Hey I’m getting used to this rig, and the tech. Things should improve with each program.

Btw we know what we need to have music plugged into the programs. I’ll buy the widget in a couple of weeks…hey I’m a “Senior Citizen” living on rain water wood chips, and government cheese so be patient.

“Lady Susan” points out the lack of schedule in the comments.

Okay true that’s a problem…mostly my fault. As I say I’m learning the tech. This so I can do these on my own. Right now I need the help of my dear friend Andrea Clarke. She did the “WBAI” program “Sister from Another Planet”. She’s a busy woman so she fits me into her schedule as she can.

Also I’m a general layabout. Hey I’m bleeping retired. That means I get to sleep, and watch cartoons all day…, and night. It’s hard going into the rhythm of working again, but I’m getting there.

Anyway thanks for being there. The next program over this weekend.

I loves ya.  (…eh, most of ya.)

!Almost forgot!

I’m getting a domain also with “Blue Host” as this page is. This for my Queer page “Dragonfly”. I’ve used that title for my works for over 40 years. During it’s blog phase I don’t know how many times it’s been nuked, (deleted), by homophobic site administrators.

Yes I’m looking at you guys Blog-spot Tumblr WordPress.

Yeah well Bleep you Bleeps to Bleep!

Next month I’ll be able to say whatever I wants, and post my drawings of happy naked Angel guys…so There!!!

Ahem…sorry I gets emotional when it come to Queers, and Art.

Like I always sez, “…When I hear the word “Culture”…I reach for my Crayons!”


Here’s a short Video done by the “New Yorker” that tells how WBAI the place I worked at for 34 years came to a near end. I say “near” because amazingly it’s still there!

Go to: http://www.wbai.org/

Anyway it was a massacre. Whole departments were vaporized,…including mine. So now after two years into my forced retirement I’m pod-casting.

Hey it’s fun, and passes the time.

WBAI was a joyful place to be once.  Spent most of my adult life there. Now..well. Ethnic bigots, and far left nut-jobs run the place. 

So Sad.

Here’s a video from the “New Yorker” magazine on WBAI.

This tells ‘some’ of the story as to how the place went to Hell.

In fact WBAI went ‘South” because of well over a Decade of Internal Factional Warfare amongst ethnic Black racists extreme Far Left fanatics Gay hating homophobe volunteers, and guests. Management Toleration of actual Violence among staff, Total Abandonment of our original Pacifist Mission Statement Incompetent Business Managers open theft untalented hosts producers, and untrained engineers Local, and National Boards without Vision or Business Competence ‘Union Busting’ managements, and Boards plus profoundly Toxic Work Environments.

Need more?


Stay Tuned.




“Is it Him?!”


This below is the ‘only’ known Video of the reclusive though astoundingly brilliant artist known to some as “Uncle Happy” or “Uncle Sidney”. 

Not since “what’s his name” that wrote “The Catcher in the Rye” has an artist performer been so difficult to track down.

Yet here he is in this very brief though years old recording actually at the microphone…though not speaking. Of course there is some controversy as to if this actually ‘is’ “Uncle”. 

Nevertheless most historians of his mediums are fairly convinced it’s him!

Stay Tuned!

“Let’s Eat!”

mith wabbit

Hi gang…how they hang’n?!



(“YUMMY!” Exactly what my Doc said I can’t have…ever!)

Well I’m editing material for the next program…maybe music this time.  I hope so. I think the equipment problems are straightened out. Anyway having been writing weird stuff for years now there’s tons of crap to work from…new stuff too so don’t worry.

Think I’ll treat myself to a movie this evening or tonight,…maybe.


I mean the contractors are coming back this morning to bang away at my walls. That, and I hope to finish at least ‘one’ program this afternoon.


So if I don’t pass out I’ll see that flick “The Martian” tonight. It was a swell book I hope they don’t fuck it up…at least not ‘too’ much.

Stay Tuned.