“Thanksgiving” (#17)


“Justice League of America” Holiday meal.

( Wow “17” programs in the “Can” already! Happy Holidaze Comrades! )

A swell “Thanksgiving” that starts with a Parade, and ends with another Mass Shooting. This time by a right-wing nut at a “Planned Parenthood Clinic”.

Yep this is very in keeping with our current customs.

Anyway a bunch of us got by okay. Not shot stabbed, and all. ‘Saw old friends, and ate everything in sight. Indeed after posting all this jazz I’m going to finish off the leftovers I took home from my pals Nurse Pickles, and Rt. Rev. Martin’s spread.

As for the rest of the world it behaved as expected.

To all of you a Blessed Holidaze. Be nice to each other, and strangers. It could become a habit. Hey be careful this ain’t Disneyland, but “be nice” with caution.

Next program in a few days.


Our good pal “Bob the Bunny” at the Macy’s “Thanksgiving Parade”.


**( There was a bleep-up at 31:Min. Mix up with the music. Also some seconds of Silence. Please stay tuned it resolves okay. I’m getting old too many gaffs. )





Stay Tuned.


“Witness” (#16)


“I see the World, and stand in Witness of it’s Doings”. A great pick up line if I was starting a Cult. Bleep it I’m too busy for all that noise. Anyway greetings comrades to yet another swell episode in this swell series of Pod-programs.

The “Uncle Sidney Half Hour-Hour!

Today’s Sermon is being in “Witness”.


“The Moon shall turn to Blood. The Earth Gape!  ‘And the Hounds of Hell shall pour fourth, and lay waste the Surface of the World!”

‘Till then lets Party!

Yeah sure utter madness surrounds us all these daze. Everywhere all over this bleeped up world. Still there’s time for Laffs Heavy Drinking, and Bleeping Giant Dinners with all the Trimmings!. 

Happy Holidaze.


Here’s a traditional ditty below from our old dear pal “Arlo Guthrie”.

(…slightly updated.)

Stay Tuned.

“Modern Times” (#15)


Greetings comrades today I muse about the swell jam we’re in. That, and what the hell we’re gonna do. Also a story about the first day of the Terror War. At least for the U.S. of A.

There’s music a few stories my usual crap. Such times we live in, and what a life I’ve had in it. Courage comrades!  Courage Patients Kindness, and Laughs.


( PARIS IN THE 1920’s )

( Okay everybody shown is white everybody smokes like chimneys woman are seriously objectified. But the shows music and parties were great, and food was cheap. )

Stay Tuned.



“FRIDAY THE 13th” (#14)


And so it comes again. War suddenly thrown into out daily lives,…again. This decades long “War of Terror” that refuses to end. That seems beyond the wisest to solve.

I’m tempted to pray if only I knew who or what to send my desperate appeals to.

Still we do what we can to make everyday life a kind, and bright thing. This for as many as possible.




Stay Tuned.

“The Old Daze” (#13)


Here’s a program from March of 2014. This when I was on the air at a certain public radio station. Some have emailed me about what I used to do back in the day.  So I picked a program at random, and uploaded it to the page.

The program is in two parts. This because there was a local power failure while I was putting it up. Happy Friday the 13th!

Yep the 13th program on Friday the 13th.




“Uncle is out there somewhere,…keep trying.”

“Come in Uncle…CQ…CQ…Uncle dinner is ready…Come in!”

“…CQ…CQ…there’s curry, and root beer…CQ…CQ!”

Stay Tuned.


“Armistice Day” (#12)


Every year that I was on the “Air” I observed “Armistice Day” as we call it in the States. “Remembrance Day” as it’s known in the British Common Wealth. I did, and now do this “Online” for those in my extended family that fought in our country’s Wars. Also for all the other brave souls that have endured the Hell of War.


If you have not already I ask that you take a moment to ponder them today. Think of the ocean of souls soldier, and civilian lost to War. Say a Prayer for Peace. Say a Prayer that maybe one day we’ll overcome our need for mass killing.

Peace to you all.


Stay Tuned.

“Remembering” (#11)

My Daddy.

Hello, and welcome to our show “The Uncle Sydney Half Hour-Hour!”

Today’s program elements are from my archives which I had recorded some 10 years back. This when I worked for the Pacifica radio outlet in NYC.

The first portion is about a “World Dream”. What if everyone on this world dreamed the same dream. The second portion of the program are “Remembrances of my Father”.

( There’s My Dad above during WW2. )

I think you’ll like this program..well I hope you do.


( This recorded a tad “Hot” so lower the gain a bit. )

Stay Tuned.

“I’m Okay,…Mostly” (#10)



Welcome comrades to another thrilling adventure in self medicating. I have to say I’ve been more nuts lately than usual. It’s okay though because at the same time I’ve never been more stable.

Yep I’m just Jim Dandy.

Mind you the planet is in deep bleep, but then when is it not. 80f in near mid-November. “But what care I so long as I have you…” A great song that.

I meant to play these swell guys on the program, but forgot. So here they are now. We have music on the show now! This thanks to Andrea Clarke, and her many hours of tech work figuring out how to make it happen.

As she said, “Nothing digital is just press a button, and there it is. You have to work for it.” And my gawd did she. She even taught me a few serious things. Like not giving up so fast, and being too crazy defeatist.

Hey I’m trying,…a little.


None of these programs would ever have happened without Andrea,…so it’s all her fault your Honor! There’s rants stories plenty of well earned self pity, and drugged mania. You’ll love it.

Stay Tuned.

“PRAISE!” …this ‘just’ in!


Unsolicited enthusiasm for Uncle Sidney

 (This is from the forum “WBAI Now, and Then” hosted by Chris Albertson a former Station manager of the Public Station WBAI-Pacifica.)
Go here: http://wbai-nowthen.blogspot.com/
Uncle Sidney has started his podcasts and I highly recommend that you listen. Each one offers further proof of Berthold Reimers’ lunacy in dismissing Sidney Smith, not to mention the cowardly trumped up way in which he did it. Now, as Reimers and his cronies are about to get what they deserve, Sidney brilliantly demonstrates what the last laugh sounds like. This is the sort of intellectual level, wit and insight WBAI should be airing instead of all that racist propaganda from hateful ignoramuses whose inflated egos barely keep them afloat in a puddle of greed and venom.
 Lend your ears to Sidney’s wonderful podcasts.
 Comment from the forum “WBAI Now, and Then.

Catching up on Sidney podcasts as I type this.
I hope Sidney posts notice here and on the Blue board when he releases new ones.
(And hope he numbers them to make it easier to keep track of them).
He’s sounding good.
Though it should be noted his podcasts are Not Safe For Work!
I wonder how long it will be before we’ll be listening to our favorite shows “Live from Uncle Sidney’s Apartment” (after
WBAI passes into memory).
There’s a word that comes to mind… karma.

mith wabbit

Stay Tuned.

“Pod-Listening BANG!”


Greetings comrades old, and new. Yep more “Bang!” for the Bucks ya ain’t paying! This is just to let ya know a new show is in the pipeline. As are a bunch’a others lining up to go on. Happy Holidaze!

“All Hallows Eve” or Halloween is the kick off of the grossly prolonged “Yule Season”. The Christmas crap has been in the stores since Labor Day, and it’s only going to get worse. So buckle up, and lets go!

Amid the wreckage of a thrift store like office that they dumped me in at that other radio station. Nurse Pickles has “Hello Kitty” dance in the expensive holiday season for all!

Stay Tuned.