“Every child has known G-d, Not the G-d of names, Not the G-d of don’t, Not the G-d who ever does anything weird, But the G-d who only knows 4 words, And keeps repeating them, saying: “Come Dance with Me.”


(As I say, “I don’t Believe in G-d,…except for when I do.)  -Sidney

( My Holidaze programs are below #’s 20 21, & 22/B )

*( …New Program coming Soon! )

Stay Tuned.



“Christmas Dreams” #22/B


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(Version ‘2’ of this episode.  #1 had sound level problems. )

Here we go again!

(‘Bonus file below has three Christmas choral hymns dear to me.)


Greetings here’s some extra stuff from my Holidaze programming series. See below programs #20, and #21. As requested by some listeners…all 6 of you. Here’s the “Christmas Truce 1914” production I used to play every year when I was on the air at http://wbai.org/

Also a piece by me I don’t think I ‘ever’ broadcast. “The Solstice Dream”. That, and two other very personal pieces relevant to the season. Thanks to all that come by to listen. It means a great deal to me…though I never know how many.

The widget that counts unique visits doesn’t work.

Just as well. I’d get lazy, and over confident like I did when I did a queer page that got 500k visits…before it was shut down. Granted it was probably the “Art” pieces that got me the numbers, and not my swell prose,…ahem.

Anyway Blessings to the whole sweaty lot of you neat folks. See you New Years Eve!


Stay Tuned.


“Christmas Day~2015” #21


“Deleted Scenes”.

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So it’s come at last. The Day of Days that believers have longed, and prayed for. A renewal of Spirit. A time of Forgiveness Kindness Generosity, and Hope.

Truly a Day of Days.

One in which the scribe Charles Dickens wrote “People open their shut up Hearts to the World.” One in which non-believers, and semi-believers like myself Hope, and Dream that Goodness will Reign the World over!


( Homeless Jesus 2015 )

This is the “Deleted Scenes” episode from last nights program our Christmas Eve offering. I decided to give it it’s ‘own’ page to avoid confusion. Also from now on as with the last night’s show the program file will be at the “Top of the Page’…again to makes things easier.

A Merry Christmas to ‘You’ all!

( It’s 4:30am,…my (“Long Day Closes”.)

Stay Tuned.

“Christmas Eve~2015” #20!


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Greetings dear comrades. Well we’re back in business, and thanks for all the love while I was rolling around on the ground puking green bile, and screaming in agony. Yep it was a month to remember.

However now let us turn our attentions to the joyous season into which we have been submerged.

It’s just swell ain’t it?


( Good Shoot’n Son! )

Yeah if ya don’t get stopped, and frisked shot or abducted by space aliens on ya way back from Mid-Night Services or good honest heavy drinking. Point, and click above, and listen to my unevenly produced excuse for a Holidaze show!

A ‘Part Two’ of this pile of steaming good cheer will be up Christmas day,…so don’t say I never gave ya nothing. Merry Holidaze, and fer craps sakes Don’t bloody Drink, and Drive!

What da hell do you think Subways are for?!

(Dear Santa,…see above. I’ll be waiting.)

Stay Tuned.

“New Program Coming…”


Sorry I was very ill for some weeks, and not able to get around. However I’m only feeling yucky now as opposed to it being call the ‘meat wagon’ time. So in the next 24 hours there will be a “Holidaze” program up as well as a Bonus show titled “Deleted Scenes”.

Thanks, and much love to you all especially those that reached out in person, and online.

Peace to you all.

Stay Tuned.



Dearest Comrades as some of you may have realized by reading this,…I am not dead. …mostly. Indeed I have an awful headache just now so that proves it. However my personal affairs, and health have gone seriously to Hell. Just in time for he Holidaze too. So I’m taking it easy with my stress, and trying to be more responsible.

Actually I’m more depressed, and anxious than ever.

Taking it easy, and being mature’n rational is a serious business, and I really don’t know how to do it. I tried watching Christmas crap on line..that movies, and other stuff.  Hell I even tried porn,…oh gawd was that depressing! All them sad fucked over people naked for a few bucks…sad as hell.

I found a site that had all three episodes of “Childhoods End”. As advertised the ‘world ends’ that cheered me up plenty. I re-enacted being Homeless,…really really ‘bad’ idea. It’s actually ‘worse’ out there now than six years ago.

As for being responsible,…again. That’s a tentative work in progress.


I read the notes from my sister, and on this page. Also so many loving posts on Face Book…Bless! you folks. So I’m not so alone after all.  I went “Code Red”, and other swell stuff recently. This keeps my Shrink, and my young Med-Practitioner employed’n entertained.

Actually they’re neat folks.

They’re determined to keep me alive, and complaining,…I told them don’t bodda.  They said  “Shut up!”

Sorry no new programs here for a bit. Though I am thinking about them, and ‘will’ produce more soon. I  got 24 months still on my account for this damned page. I intend to get my money’s worth one way or another!


Btw Happy 70f Holidaze!

Stay Tuned.

( What I want for Christmas! )


“Happy Trails”


We all good things. Thanks to all six of you that tuned into these demented pod-shows over the last several months. Unfortunately I’ll be suspending all that swell crap for a while.

Hey I paid for Two Years to hold this page so yeah likely I’ll be back some time…just don’t know when. It was hard work setting this up. Much thanks to my dear pal Andrea Clarke for all her work, and help!


Reasons of personal circumstance, and health make continuing these programs for now basically impossible. Also I’m suspending my “Facebook” page. Sorry these are harsh yucky times for many I guess.

Didn’t quite make “20” programs,…aw well.

So long, and as always “Stay Tuned”.

(To be positive if my situation, and health turns around a bit I’ll be back.  Good news for my “six”loyal fans! It will be announced by me on the pages I frequent.)


“Guns of Autumn” (#19)

CVQ-ocpUkAEfc79.jpg large

Well here we are once more. Greetings all. In this season of weird weather bloody terror, and nothing good on TV. Lets eat drink heavily, and sing as if today was the last day.

Because it ‘could’ be.

Wow that gal up there is a “walking horror movie!” Oh what times we have lived into. I was posting with a pal, and we came to the conclusion that we’ll just have to kill’em all. No treaty nothing remotely like that. They want us all dead, and are trying real hard to do it.

12 shot to bloody shreds this time!

So all our love, and respect for life is out the window. We’re dealing with maniacs that worship blood, and death…ours. So this is what the 21st century is all about,…interesting.


“Deleted Scenes from (#18)”


( See, and listen to program #18 below this one. )

I dumped these swell video’s here ’cause I likes’em. I couldn’t figure out how to make them fit well with the show below. So here they are in they’re separate cage.

No big deal just listen, and enjoy. The next program #19! Will come along in a few daze!

Remember Santa, and more certainly the NSA is watching.

So be ‘good’ for Goodness Sakes.

Stay Tuned.

“And So it Goes” (#18)

Simon Loekle RIP-1

( Don’t be put off this ain’t a damned sad show!)

( …Neither Simon nor I would listen to that sort of Crap! )

( We return you now this our program which is already in progress. )

Hi folks. I wasn’t sure I wanted to do a program this week. The sudden death of my long time friend Simon Loekle blew the living crap out’a me, and many others. As with the loss of my brother a few years back I’m still in the “This can’t have happened this can’t be phase”.

Oh the other hand being 248 years old myself I’m actually getting used to losing many loved companions. “Getting used” isn’t what I mean, but it’s close enough.

So I talk about that in a weird way. Also letters from our beloved Government, and battling Robot Tellers while trying to upgrade the system through which I’m coming to you.

For heaven’s sakes I’m trying to ‘give’ them my Money. Ya think they’d be a little helpful.


Now I’m thinking about a lot of stuff I left out of the show because I’m fucking senile. Like last Spring when I was so ill. All my pals were so kind on Facebook cheering me up. 

Ah, but dear Simon went further. Being the ‘Radio Pro’ he is he did a Pod-cast on Facebook just for me. He posted swell jazz’n stuff along with his witty banter. He entertained all that were there, and picked my Spirits up Greatly!

It was a one of a kind event. Something special warm funny wonderful, and genuine that can’t be replicated…like the first, and “One True Woodstock”.

The Video excerpt from the film “Wit” speaks to Simon’s standards.


Stay Tuned.