“Lust, and Naked Sneakers” #31


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*(…this from my Archives, Winter 2008, while I continue to mend.)

Wow Hubba Hubba! Well dear comrades as ya may guess from our pals up there. Today’s sermon is on Lust Love, and Robots. Frigging steel bolts sharp edges, and assorted in-humane vulgarity that passes for eroticism these daze. Geez how the hell did all this happen?!

How did what should be the sweetest thing in our lives turn into a “Bride of Frankenstein” triple feature with out-takes from the Holocaust, and carpet bombing tossed in for laughs.

Well here-in are some tales from my for real life to illustrate what I thought all this was supposed to be about. These are Docudramas from the free show of my on going life…though contributions are gratefully accepted.


I start this thing by going through the classified section of a regular newspaper which is full of sad lonely gasps for love, and orgasms. Then on to two stories…”Naked Sneakers”, and the “The Kiss” my first real queer event.

As human beings ain’t we a gas?!

Stay Tuned.




Stay Tuned.


“Satan Followed me Home” #30


“Hi Mom Satan followed me home can I keep him?”

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Don’t ya ‘hate’ it when that happens? I mean there you are baking cookies, and snorting powdered sugar, and ya stupid kid brings home the bleeping “Prince of Darkness”.

Well the show above right there is much like this so sit back, and listen to ya dear old Uncle when he was fully employed, and eating regularly. This steaming pile noise is from my archives. As I like to call the boxes of  rotting tapes cassettes, and CD’s that line the hallway of my dusty sad empty wretched hovel.

This gem is from 3-22-14,…a fine vintage!


It’s got all the stuff by me that you swell folks seem to love so much…why I’ve never understood. I mean I never had more than 30 or 40 listeners. Heck even my friends at the station wouldn’t listen.

I’d come out of the studio during a break, and they’d all be ignoring the On-Air monitors when I was on. They’d be tuned to some other radio station watching TV or porn surfing on station computers. 

Yeah that was always encouraging.

Anyway ‘Live’ shows again soon when I recover from almost kicking the damned bucket again. Yeah I’ll be talking about my personal mortality…won’t that be fun?


( My “Great Feet” in the Arts office back at my old job at WBAI, wbai.org )


Stay Tuned.


“Uncle Sydney’s Story Time” #29


( Click Below to Listen. ) Part I. “Head Man”

( Click to Listen. ) Part II. “Once Upon a Time”

Greetings dear comrades. It’s been a while yeah…sorry. Been sick as a dog that broke into the hamburger factory, and got locked in there all weekend. Pretty bad if ya gets my drift. I’m going to do a pod-program on all that entertaining noise soon…stay tuned.

For now I have two stories I don’t think I ever broadcast when I was on the radio. Even tho’ there’s station breaks in one of them. …still they’re fine.

Anyway I broke this one up into two sound files for ease of listening…see how considerate I am…hey I loves ya.  They’re above there under the pix.

I hopes ya likes them. Enjoy.

Btw these above, and below are my collage paper dolls, and theater.



( Cute huh? )

Stay Tuned.