“The Struggle Continues” #34



New “live” programs! Yep you asked for’em here they are! Three! three three shows in one! Two hours…more or less of seriously swell stuff! Two new “live” programs plus a blast from the past. One of my programs from a few years back on WBAI radio…go to wbai.org.

(Part I) The program below there is about finding out what matters. Death, and possessions don’t mean bleep! Also the political mayhem, and rising oceans that amuse us so much.

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(Part II) Stories spirit matters music personal observations.

(Part III) This is from my archives. June 28th 2014. In this swell episode my pal the late dear Simon Loekle, and Shawn an engineer pal help me eat my 64th Birthday cake. Later Simon, and I laff our heads off about various topics.  Then I go into a history of Queerdom. How we went from being scary radicals to assimilation. …and the cost.




“Steamed Dumplings” #33


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( Click on Sound File below to Listen. ) Part ‘B’

Greetings comrades, and thanks for dropping by. Your coming makes six listeners! I’m trying for 10. Anyway here’s a WBAI radio show from 2008.

I decided to play a vintage show of mine while working on a new “Live” one.

The program was done during a stressful time in my life…yeah when ain’t it. Anyway back then I was a care-giver for a very beloved elderly aunt. Those that have been there know that despite the love the tension eats you alive.

This being so the program is introspective even spiritual. Music mixes readings, and such. Being on the air was a kind of release a therapy.

It’s in two parts. Part ‘A’ ends with a piano piece…that skips. Part ‘B’ continues the piece repaired…I forgot to clean the disc. …sue me.

Behold my “Great Feet” in the Arts Dept. of the old Wall Street studios of WBAI. They’ve since moved to Brooklyn where they should have been in the first place. Here’s where you can find them.  >>>  wbai.org


“Loves” them Converse!”

**You should watch, and listen to this,…it’s Wonderful!

***This too!

Stay Tuned.