“One thing, and Another” #35


So I got up at dawn, and figured I’d do a show. Well actually I’ve been thinking about it for some days, but ya know. So here we are. There’s some rants about the state of the Republic. Musings about my family history, and cooking dinner.

I was cooking dinner while doing the program. Actually it will probably be my lunch. I think I’ll cook on my next program. Do the show from the kitchen. ‘Been meaning to do that for a while. Hope you enjoy this episode.

( Click on below file to Listen. )


Above is the end of the very ‘Last’ “Howdy Doody Show”. Listen to the engineer’s banter in the control room at the very beginning. Also wait, and watch for “Clarabelle the Clown’s” Surprise at the very end.

Oh them were the daze!


Stay Tuned.



“New Programs Coming Soon!”



New programs in the pipeline stay tuned!

Heaven’s sakes it’s near the middle of ‘May’ already.

The year is flying by like “Gangbusters”. You youngsters…Google that.

“Coney Island Barbie”, and our old pal “Bob the Bunny” in our Dining Room Studio hashing out details on upcoming shows. Personally I haven’t a clue. I never know till I sit down to do the show, and these two hand me the notes.

I’d be bleeping sunk without them guys!


Oh ’tis May! Let us frolic amongst da flowers, and dream hash pipe dreams…oh those were the daze! Btw that’s one of my paper dolls up there. Yeah I play with dolls ya wanna make somthin’ of it?!

In fact here’s another one right there…so there!


Stay Tuned.