“First Church of Amazing Bewilderment” #41

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Above is a stained glass of “Servant of G-d” Dorothy Day. “Servant” is the first step of the journey to Roman Catholic sainthood. Dorothy Day was an early to mid-20th century activist author artist journalist, and radical. She founded “the Catholic Worker”,  catholicworker.org

Because she believed that faith meant loving your neighbor as yourself being generous, and kind feeding the hungry, and housing the homeless her Sainthood is perhaps 50 to 100 years away. Unlike more conventional persons on faster tracks. This so Vatican Watchers believe. 

This edition of our weekly Sermon is dedicated to Dorothy’s memory.

Stay Tuned.




“This Just In” #40

Greetings dear Comrades. Well this page now has ‘Forty’ programs within it. Well that, and assorted “short subjects”. We’re now Middle Aged! ‘But to the fun…

We come closer, and closer to the date of Investiture of the Resident Elect. I may sleep late that day. In any case here’s a few thoughts on those that gave us this great day. That a story, and “stuff”.

Part One:  “Da Newz”

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Part Two: “Uncle’s Story Time”

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Never leave home without your Cat Finger Puppet!

Stay Tuned.


“Sermon on the Mic” #39

Greetings dear Comrades. I’m thinking of starting a new tradition here. Every Sunday a Sermon from my Radio Church.

“Uncle Sydney’s First Church of Amazing Bewilderment”

“So Dearly Beloved…” They’ll be nice bite sized pieces of holy stuff. Usually less than ten minutes or so…which we wish ‘all’ sermons were. Today’s is on how to embrace our fellow demented Citizens of this Great Republic. Especially after the seriously mad election 2016.

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Stay Tuned.




“I’ve Been to a Marvelous Party”

This is another “Test-recording”. Seems there’s 15 minutes available for each program segment…so far. I’m working on lengthening the time factor.

So far so good.

The first sound file is of Noel Coward. He begins by singing “Mad Dogs, and Englishmen”. The second bit is about a Gay party Noel went to with his Queer pals. I think this may have been the first main stream song on the subject in the English language.


There are several other performances. Wars songs…WW2. One very moving about life in the Blitz. “London Pride is the title.

The next file is just me complaining. I’m rather good at that ya know.

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Right,…here we are. Okay this above is just me ranting complaining, and being generally adorable. Btw thanks to all eight of you that tune in. Still not as many as the 17 that listened while I was on the air. However it’s starting to move up.  Soon I expect to break “10!”.

This maybe by fall.

Stay Tuned.

“Once Again”,…again #38

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OH Gawd!!! How I Want this damned Hat!!!

Stay Tuned.

“Under Re-Construction”

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Greetings dear Comrades. Once more we ride the online radio waves. Sorry about being scarce for the past seven or eight months, eh,…I was busy. Anyway lets try this thing again. 

Stay Tuned.