“The Southern Cross” #45

Yes it’s Uncle Syd’s “Story Time” again. This one from the dim distant past. Back in the day when I was an engineer, and broadcaster with the Pacifica Radio Network. Never heard of ’em…not a problem neither has anyone else. Anyway here’s two stories, and a deleted scene from the “Half Angel” series.

“The Southern Cross” is part of the “Timmy Tom the Half Angel” universe of stories. A series of radio stories I wrote, and performed at the beginning of the century…the 21st I ain’t ‘that’ old. So listen, and I hope you’ll enjoy.

( Click on Arrow to hear file.)

Here’s a “Deleted Scene” from the story. It’s part one of the “Truck Stop” incident mentioned above. Part two it seems is lost to history,…aw well.


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