“I’ve Been to a Marvelous Party”

This is another “Test-recording”. Seems there’s 15 minutes available for each program segment…so far. I’m working on lengthening the time factor.

So far so good.

The first sound file is of Noel Coward. He begins by singing “Mad Dogs, and Englishmen”. The second bit is about a Gay party Noel went to with his Queer pals. I think this may have been the first main stream song on the subject in the English language.


There are several other performances. Wars songs…WW2. One very moving about life in the Blitz. “London Pride is the title.

The next file is just me complaining. I’m rather good at that ya know.

(***A problem I ain’t fixed yet,…ya has to “REFRESH THE PAGE”  to listen to each file. Why… who da hell knows. I’m looking into it.***)

( Click on Arrow to listen.)

( Same as before.),…REFRESH AGAIN. Crap!

Right,…here we are. Okay this above is just me ranting complaining, and being generally adorable. Btw thanks to all eight of you that tune in. Still not as many as the 17 that listened while I was on the air. However it’s starting to move up.  Soon I expect to break “10!”.

This maybe by fall.

Stay Tuned.

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